Christmas 2015 – She Matters in India



She Matters in India


As the second most populated country worldwide, India is brimming with life and many people groups and cultures. The Kui are one of the tribal groups who live in the mountainous forest regions in Odisha State. Many families in this region barely survive on subsistence agriculture and there is a high level of malnutrition. The Kui people live in remote villages with limited access to government services, schools and health care facilities. Without schools nearby, it is dif cult for children to obtain an education and there is a high level of illiteracy in this region. When children can attend school in far away towns, it is most often the boys who are sent while girls remain behind at home to help with younger siblings, household chores and work in the fields. Tragically, they are often forced into early marriages with no other options available.

CBM and their partner, Kui Baptist Association, strive to address the high levels of illiteracy and malnutrition. One of the projects was the building of a girl’s hostel so families have a safe place to send their daughters to board and go to school in town since their villages are so far away. Another project is a nutrition program that gives families a nutritional supplement to add to their infant’s food for a healthy start in life as well as seeds and training to plant gardens for fresh fruit and vegetables.

The new hostel of cially opened this past July (2015) and houses 60 girls from 6-13 years of age, providing them with nutritious meals and better access to education. Tutors are on- hand to aid the girls in homework and their studies. In addition to this, the girls are taught good health and hygiene practices, receiving regular medical check-ups and spiritual nurturing.

The hostel was one of the projects supported by CBM’s She Matters campaign to improve access to education for girls. At least two-thirds of uneducated children in the world today are girls. A similar percentage of illiterate adults are women. Learn more at